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What was your impression of the movie? My impression is that Mr. Kowalski is a mourning man who puts up a harsh mask to cover up is sorrow and PTSD from the Korean war and for losing his wife. They presented Mr.Kowalski as a cold man who wants nothing to do with his new neighborsFortsett å lese «GRAND TORINO»

What will happen if Joe Biden wins the election? (draft)

Joe Biden, former Vice President (2008-2016) for the Democrats is running for president at the 2020 election. They will announce the results of the election tomorrow (November 3rd) With his side he have chosen Kamala Harris as his Vice president candidate for the Democrats. Before the election they have publicly announced their plans they wantFortsett å lese «What will happen if Joe Biden wins the election? (draft)»


In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved? The main «conflict» in the movie is to find information and people to interview to get even more information about a new article they are writing. They want to write about a really taboo and vulnerable case, sexualFortsett å lese «Spotlight»

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