In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved?

The main «conflict» in the movie is to find information and people to interview to get even more information about a new article they are writing. They want to write about a really taboo and vulnerable case, sexual abuse towards young male church members. All abused by pedophilic priests and such. While investigating to find important information they have a problem with finding victims of the abuse that actually dare to tell their story. All of them are heavily traumatized, and in reality they just want to leave this dark memory and past behind them. Eventually, some victims are brave enough to step forward and tell about their horrible traumas. I think they stepped forward because the journalists writing the article told them about the importance about this topic. That their stories could save lives and help people who are experiencing the same things at this very moment.

What particulary appealed to you in the cinematic presentation of the film?

I really enjoyed that they used actors and actresses I love, but I don´t think that´s really relevant to this. Another thing I really appreciated was the good acting and the believable stories the victims told. It rather felt like I was following them around as a spirit almost instead of watching a movie with mediocre acting and a bad storyline. It felt so real.

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