Lost in media Landscape, question nr.16

The direct definition of «media literate» is that this practice allow people to critically evaluate, access, create or manipulate a media. Nowadays, we are too good at getting information and not be critical or look for a correct source. I see plenty examples of that everyday, within myself and others. An example is that a couple days ago I was scrolling on the app tiktok, then a video popped up saying something about Chris Brown lying to Taylor Swift about his sexual status, so he could trick her into doing things. The first thought I had was «wow, what an asshole» but then I started to think more critically and ask myself where they got this information. I looked in the comments of the tiktok and all I saw was people believing this information and not thinking critically at all. After some research I found out that Taylor Swift and Chris Brown have never even dated and this claim is probably fake news. That just shows how easy it is to manipulate a big media, and how bad we are at practicing media literacy.

Here in Norway they are trying more and more to learn us that we should be more critical when reading news, and that we should check information of reliable sources. We also need to learn more how to be more social on the medias without resorting to arguments and not get so mad so quickly. Because thats something I experience very often, even when I wrote this. When I or others ask critical questions, many people get super defensive and rude very quickly, and I also experience from the other side that people don´t want to listen because their mind is already set on something they think is correct or legitimate. This is something all countries should start practising, we would prevent a lot of unnecessary rumours and conflics.

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