About me

Hello, my name is Tilde Uggedal and this is my first blog post… so Im pretty nervous.

I don´t really have much to tell about myself because I would consider myself as a boring person. Well, i can start with telling you that Im in the class 2ST2, and this is my second year at Fagerlia. I really like it at this school. It´s pretty far away from where I live, but it´s okay. Im from Valderøya and I live there with my dad. When Im at my mom`s I live in Ålesund sentrum, but I prefer staying at my dad´s because all my Norwegian family lives there. My mom is from Sweden, thats why I specify my families nationalities. My swedish side of the family lives in Kalmar or Öland. I usually visit them during the summer, and I celebrate Christmas there every other Christmas. This year Im supposed to celebrate it in Sweden, but we are not so sure that is possible because of Covid-19. I have an older brother named Kristoffer and I used to have a dog until February this year. Hobbe, my dog sadly passed away after spending 12 years of his life with me and my family. I love him very much and I miss him every day.

In my free time I just usually lay in my bed and watch series, but when I actually want to do something I usually draw. I really love drawing, and I would say Im pretty good at it. I also like to cook and bake, because I enjoy eating so why wouldn´t I like cooking. I don´t hang out with friends super often because they are always busy, but we hang out every now and then. I got my first job in December, and I like it there. Not the most fun job, but I enjoy getting my paycheck every month. Makes me feel more independent.

The reason I chose international english is because I really enjoy the subject (English) and I use english a lot when I talk to internet friends. Plus it sounded like a lot of fun! My expectations to this subject is that my english will improve verbally and that my vocabulary will improve.

I want to learn more about goal nr.13, climate action. Global warming and climate change is a big, important and relevant topic for all of us and I would enjoy learning more about it and learn more about what WE can do to help make a change.

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